Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – renders –

This is one of the games i’m most interested in, since the very first artwork i posted here long ago. Thanks to the E3 i managed to find some nice new renders and i’m really looking forward to play it.


Vampire t*§s…. nothing better ^^


that weapon must be tested well


Dunno what’s up with them but i hope they will help us somehow


Damn a Babayaga, a kind of witch that during night go count dead bodies in graveyards….. yach!


Mmmmm the cliche of the big bad ass armor guy….

Well time to go!

See you next time.



Patrick Brown – videogames tribute –

Deviantart is an amazing place, even for videogames lovers as we. I found last night (thanks to the homepage of this talented illustrator.

Look at his awesome jobs!

 Resident Evil 5.jpgarmy_of_two.jpgAssassins Creed II.jpgbioshok_2.jpgFallout 3_2.jpgFallout 3.jpgGEARS OF WAR 2.jpggta.jpgRed Dead Redemption.jpgSnake Eater.jpg

I suppose you know all of them right? My favorite is the Fallout 3, the one with the dog.

Time to go!


Final Fantasy XIII Elixir

Today i managed to buy a very nice item, a special edition drink. A Final one ^^

Final Fantasy XIII Elixir

Final Fantasy XIII Elixir

The package is simply awesome, very nice done. The box in a light pink give a sense of this new Final Fantasy Episode somehow..

Final Fantasy XIII Elixir

Inside the box of the little figure… i’ll show you later what i found inside.

Final Fantasy XIII Elixir

The can inside has a lovely stamp, i found this one with two character together.

Final Fantasy XIII Elixir

On the other side.

Final Fantasy XIII Elixir

A close up on Lighting…. nice.

Final Fantasy XIII Elixir

About the model inside i found the little lady named Oerba dia Vanille…

Oh about the taste i can’t say anything i haven’t tried yet ^^

Time to go..bye!

Super Street Fighter IV – artwork –

When i was … let’s say more jung, the type of games i enjoyed most were fighting games. Unfortunately i noticed that now i do not have anymore the kind of reflex i had when i was around 19… and play to reach victory require much more focus tha before.

Yes I’m getting old but i don’t mind i simply love games too much and i can’t get enough of them… REALLY ^^

So, back to the subject Tekken 6 is coming out but Street Fighter still have something to show us with new upcoming Super version, three more character (one brand new) and some game fixes.

Here some artwork… hawk is missing sorry, but i found a new Ryu artwork.