Tekken 6 Renders – part 2

Here we are.

1024Tekken_6_-_E3-PS3___Xbox_360Artwork5841Hwoa_2P_65_copy 1024Tekken_6_-_E3-PS3___Xbox_360Artwork5842King_1p_65_copy 1024Tekken_6_-_E3-PS3___Xbox_360Artwork5843Lili_1P_65_copy

1024Tekken_6_-_E3-PS3___Xbox_360Artwork5844Ling_Xiao_1P_65_copy 1024Tekken_6_-_E3-PS3___Xbox_360Artwork5845marduk_1P_65_copy 1024Tekken_6_-_E3-PS3___Xbox_360Artwork5846Miguel_1P_65_copy

1024Tekken_6_-_E3-PS3___Xbox_360Artwork5847Moku_1P_65_copy 1024Tekken_6_-_E3-PS3___Xbox_360Artwork5848NIJ_1P_65_copy 1024Tekken_6_-_E3-PS3___Xbox_360Artwork5849Nina_1P_65_copy

following …part 3!



3 thoughts on “Tekken 6 Renders – part 2

  1. Hi re!
    You right this are quite nice release ^^. Unfortunatly the one of my favourite is missing … Lei Wulong. I wonder why.

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