About Gorgo

My hand…

Well where to start… i’m a 37,  italian, very very geek (a bestia) and i live in the beautiful Florence.

Graduated  in the 2003 in Psychology of Communication, with a thesis on the increasing importance of the online gaming as social activity.  Now full time worker and happly married with a lovely Japanese lady.

My biggest passion are videogames and even if  i’m not a really an hard core gamer  i simply can’t live with out them. I firmly think that they are the perfect manifest of the uman creativity and the magic of our times.

I also love blogging, search for nice games artworks and share them, post about Italy and other things i like.



5 thoughts on “About Gorgo

  1. Hey Gorgo,
    I Just wanted to say that I’ve been enjoying your site for about a year now. How you get such high resolution images amazes me sometimes because I don’t see them anywhere else on the web. You’ve shared so much art with me that I wanted to share this with you.
    You may have seen the lego mega man on kotaku, but if not:
    I’m making more and I’ll be releasing the villains set tomorrow! Hope you enjoy this and thanks again for this site!


  2. raph007!
    The pleasure is all mine. Meeting someone who follw my simple posts alaways make me happy.
    Sure i saw it! was it from you? Impressive work indeed! your modeling skills are really awesome!

    • Hi macro!
      Thanks i do my best but having a son is Not a simple task, it consume all your free time^^.
      tanks for the links i’ll come visit!

      Bye, Gorgo

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