Tekken 6 Renders – part 1

The E3 is tottally killing me. Really, too much to see and too much titles to play in the future.

I’d like to post all the stuff i have right now but it’ll take ages so be patient and in the next days u’ll have wonderfull renders and artworks… I PROMISE 


1024Tekken_6_-_E3-PS3___Xbox_360Artwork5833Asuka_2P_65_copy 1024Tekken_6_-_E3-PS3___Xbox_360Artwork5836Chris_1p_65_copy 1024Tekken_6_-_E3-PS3___Xbox_360Artwork5835Bryan_1P_65_copy

1024Tekken_6_-_E3-PS3___Xbox_360Artwork5832ANNA_1P_65 1024Tekken_6_-_E3-PS3___Xbox_360Artwork5834Bob_1P_65_copy 1024Tekken_6_-_E3-PS3___Xbox_360Artwork5831AMK_1P_65_copy

1024Tekken_6_-_E3-PS3___Xbox_360Artwork5837DevilJin_1P_65 1024Tekken_6_-_E3-PS3___Xbox_360Artwork5838Dra_2P_65_copy 1024Tekken_6_-_E3-PS3___Xbox_360Artwork5839GAN_1P_65_copy

See you in a while with part 2!




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