WET – artwork & screen –

Hi everyone, summer is already over and i’m  back to work… damn it’s so hard to restart ^^

Anyway, grate times are coming for us videogamer, why? Becouse in the next months we’ll recive some of the best titles ever.

Tonight i tried the WET demo and you know what? It’s so much fun, kind of “devil may cry” fun but with something more in it. Violent yes but very comic too.

rubi_WETrubi_on_fire-correct rubi_WETrubi_with_sword

Rubi it’s not the kind of woman who like romance… beliveme


This ponint is sooooo well done, not so interactive, just time oriented but nice, really nice.


This is how you’ll play once Rubi enter berserk mode, more fast, more bullets, more gore too… O_o

WET it’s not really in my buing list but Bethesda did some really nice work here, showing that other than rpg can do evrything she want.




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