Artworks – The Elder Scrolls Online

Actually i'm waiting to play this one so bad….

Artworks – Dishonored

Let's be clear, Dishonred probably will not be a perfect game but it has a lot to give. A character deep, credible and mean with a story that pushes you forward as if by magic. If any of you have not yet played it is good you decide to play it… NOW!          Bye! DisHonored … Continua a leggere Artworks – Dishonored

WET – artwork & screen –

Hi everyone, summer is already over and i'm  back to work... damn it's so hard to restart ^^ Anyway, grate times are coming for us videogamer, why? Becouse in the next months we'll recive some of the best titles ever. Tonight i tried the WET demo and you know what? It's so much fun, kind of "devil may … Continua a leggere WET – artwork & screen –