Star Ocean : The Last Hope – Limited Edition

Finally the european version of this game is arrived. I took the limited.


The package is quite big ( 4 DVD !!! ), covered with a paper folder.


The classical back with thegame breafing and some ingame screen.


This is lovely. A complete deep space package whaits you inside.


In his back some artworks/renders. I would love have them in High resolution….


When you open it you’ll be pleased with more nice image. SRF is the name of the space company you’ll work with.


I think this kind of games packare are lovely but you have to treat them well, too well, Or the caese will be destroy in no time O_o


4 DvD, 3 for the game and one forthe o.s.t


As bonuses, more than the o.s.t there are some character paper cards and a little miniguide for the first part of the game.

Well that’s all, time to go play it.



4 pensieri su “Star Ocean : The Last Hope – Limited Edition

  1. Wee ! lucky ! I dont enough money to get the limited version ..but the normal version is good also …the essential things is here lol ^^

    Look pretty !

    Thx — Evyl-kun

  2. Hi Evyl nice to meet you!
    Yea this limited version looks grate indeed. The funny thing is that here the limited or the regular edition have the same price so…


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