Star Ocean: The Last Hope – tiny review –


Last night around 2 am i managed to finish Star Ocean: the Last Hope and I have to say it’s been a grate experience. From what i remember only Lost Odyssey hooked me like this and before go on i’d like to make clear what kind of gamer i am and what i like in videogames. I like games for what they give and not for how they are done, graphic is important yes but not my foundamental evalutation parameter to judge a release.
I didn’t played the WHOLE game in all its parts, i decided to miss some sub-quest becouse i was satisfied with my current game situation and becouse the will to see “what’s next” was too strong.

Here the points:
-Last hope has a grate story, a nice galactic trip around some very nice planets, not even close to what we saw in Mass Effect but still very enjoyable, quite linear yes but still enjoyable.
-The characters fit well together and even if they cover all the clicè we are used to see in j-rpg from the moment you spend experience on them you start to love them.
-The game at normal isn’that difficult and power leveling is quite easy to reach, more, if you spend time in the lovely weapon creation/upgrade the overall challenge drop incredibly. In my party for example my tiny Meracle had ATT value 2900! At level 69 the final boss tooks time to go down but totally doable with no panic.
-The combat system is fun, really fun. With no frame drops, speedy and spectacular, every special move you unlock is something more amazing to perform.
– The music isn’t that grate but the dialogs are very well done, every voices is perfect for everyone.

SO if you are looking for a nice J-rpg well done and not so difficult with a nice story Last hope is for you.

Sorry if my ing writing is that bad usually i dont write for so long, please forgive me ok?

Time to move to Tales of Vesperia ^^




Star Ocean : The Last Hope – Limited Edition

Finally the european version of this game is arrived. I took the limited.


The package is quite big ( 4 DVD !!! ), covered with a paper folder.


The classical back with thegame breafing and some ingame screen.


This is lovely. A complete deep space package whaits you inside.


In his back some artworks/renders. I would love have them in High resolution….


When you open it you’ll be pleased with more nice image. SRF is the name of the space company you’ll work with.


I think this kind of games packare are lovely but you have to treat them well, too well, Or the caese will be destroy in no time O_o


4 DvD, 3 for the game and one forthe o.s.t


As bonuses, more than the o.s.t there are some character paper cards and a little miniguide for the first part of the game.

Well that’s all, time to go play it.



Star Ocean Last Hope – some Artwork and Renders

I need more J-rpg. Last Remnant as i sayed is good, really good but in my list Star Ocean Last Hope is the most wanted. The graphic is so brilliant and so manga orinted that i can’t wait to play it. I just read about a difference between the UE/USA and JAP versions; the characters images in the game menu will be in Japan manga style, for us will be used images from the ingame model…. WTF! I love the manga style!

Look at this images, arent they beautiful?

star_ocean_the_last_hope__5__psd_jpgcopy october-08-star-ocean-the-last-hope-character-artwork-01 october-08-star-ocean-the-last-hope-character-artwork-03

1362_0003 1362_0007 october-08-star-ocean-the-last-hope-character-artwork-05 october-08-star-ocean-the-last-hope-character-artwork-06