Star Ocean Last Hope – some Artwork and Renders

I need more J-rpg. Last Remnant as i sayed is good, really good but in my list Star Ocean Last Hope is the most wanted. The graphic is so brilliant and so manga orinted that i can’t wait to play it. I just read about a difference between the UE/USA and JAP versions; the characters images in the game menu will be in Japan manga style, for us will be used images from the ingame model…. WTF! I love the manga style!

Look at this images, arent they beautiful?

star_ocean_the_last_hope__5__psd_jpgcopy october-08-star-ocean-the-last-hope-character-artwork-01 october-08-star-ocean-the-last-hope-character-artwork-03

1362_0003 1362_0007 october-08-star-ocean-the-last-hope-character-artwork-05 october-08-star-ocean-the-last-hope-character-artwork-06





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