Tatsunoko vs. Capcom – artwork –

I like very much share with you game’s artwork , a lot. When i recive these beauties i’m happy to think that soon some folks who follow this little blog will be able to put their hands on them. I don’t post everything i recover but  try to give you only the best i have.

Today i’m proud to share something special, some anime character i growed up with. Tastunoko animes were my bread when i was child. Seeing them redone in this shape is just awesome!

1920Doronjo_psd_jpgcopy 1920Yatterman-1_psd_jpgcopy

1920Cashern_action_new_psd_jpgcopy 1920Ken_the_Eagle_action_new_psd_jpgcopy

1920ChunLi_action_new_psd_jpgcopy 1920Morrigan_psd_jpgcopy

1920Tekkaman_action_new_psd_jpgcopy 1920Chunli_pose_original_psd_jpgcopy

1920Ryu_pose_original_psd_jpgcopy 1920tvc_character_poster_psd_jpgcopy

I forgot! The game is coming out for the Wii…




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