Still Summer house work

Well i have almost finished what i have to do but the more i look around the more i see stuff to do. This monday my beloved lady forced me to put an end to the absolute chaos i always have under the tv, my game armory. So as wood lover i decided to do … Continua a leggere Still Summer house work

Muramasa : The Demon blade -Wii-

The Wii sometimes gives amazing surprises. I'm still in the middle of the lovely Fragile but last night i played Muramasa : The Demon Blade, i was really impressed by the artwork and his addictive gameplay... You can play with two characters a lone ninja how forgot his past and a deadly girl The game … Continua a leggere Muramasa : The Demon blade -Wii-

Fragile Dreams Arrived – Wii –

So today i finally managed to go buy this little game. The Gamestop store near i work had only two copy of it and didn't even know what kind of game was... Very low budget box, but i admit better the white box than the 360 flashy green. The last Wii game i took was … Continua a leggere Fragile Dreams Arrived – Wii –