Still Summer house work

Well i have almost finished what i have to do but the more i look around the more i see stuff to do.

This monday my beloved lady forced me to put an end to the absolute chaos i always have under the tv, my game armory.


So as wood lover i decided to do something that could marriage well with the house floor we have



I followed the round shape of the stone under the Tv and made 4 separate and independent parts


I had lots of stuff to put in there


But the result tuned out quite well ^^


All the cable hided in the back and two main power switch



Time to try Mafia II demo!

Bye for now!


5 thoughts on “Still Summer house work

  1. I have to admit it looks pretty amazing. My only concern is for your 360. Boxing it up in that cubby… you’re asking for a RRoD. Just sayin.

  2. Hi Gil
    Thanks for the advice, i thought the same and i left the cables little long. So in case of an intensive game session i can pull out the console with no problem.

  3. Been a while since I last came here. You really got a nice place, from the pictures that I saw. Also nice setup for your television and games. ๐Ÿ˜€

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