Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles – Wii –


I will be honest, I have never been a big fan of resident evil. Only the fourth episode, on the GC managed to give me lot of fun and good play time.

Now it’s time for the Wii to draw his trump card, Umbrella Chronicles will be a first person arcade shooter-like…mhm this kind of games should be still realesed??


GAMERSDAY_001_bmp_jpgcopy GAMERSDAY_002_bmp_jpgcopy GAMERSDAY_004_bmp_jpgcopy

04UC_017_bmp_jpgcopy 04UC_009_bmp_jpgcopy GAMERSDAY_006_bmp_jpgcopy

GAMERSDAY_010_bmp_jpgcopy GAMERSDAY_009_bmp_jpgcopy GAMERSDAY_007_bmp_jpgcopy

Some renders…

Billy_psd_jpgcopy Carlos_psd_jpgcopy Chris_psd_jpgcopy

Chris_Winter_Costume0630_psd_jpgcopy Ewan0630_psd_jpgcopy Hunk0630_psd_jpgcopy

Jill_psd_jpgcopy Jill_RE3_Dress_psd_jpgcopy Jill_Winter_Costume0630_psd_jpgcopy

 Sergei0630_psd_jpgcopy Wesker_coat_psd_jpgcopy Wesker_psd_jpgcopy

Rebecca_psd_jpgcopy Umbrella_Logo_psd_jpgcopy



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