Castlevania Judgment (Wii) – Artwork & some Screenshot

alucard dracula

maria_renard simon_belmont

Via Gamepress

“Created by series creator Koji ‘IGA’ Igarashi, Castlevania Judgment is a roving fighting game utilising heroes and villains from the Castlevania universe. The fighting game has been designed specifically for the Wii, and uses the Wii Remote and Nunchuk controllers to offer a stunning level of control over the central heroes. Taking centre stage within a series of 3D locations inspired by previous Castlevania games, the controllers are used to slash, stab and employ a series of attacks against the assorted minions of Dracula.”


castlevania_judgement_10 castlevania_judgement_4 castlevania_judgement_12

castlevania_judgement_13 castlevania_judgement_7 castlevania_judgement_5

castlevania_judgement_17 castlevania_judgement_16 castlevania_judgement_14



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