A nice walk in Florence.

I was born in Florence in the 1975 in the old town, i lived there till i was than i moved to my grandfather town. A really small town in the Tusany called Massa Marittima. When we moved back to Florence when i was 10 we went live outside the city and usually i don't … Continua a leggere A nice walk in Florence.

Geek life roundup

Become dad is a wonderful thing, my son is the most beautiful creature i ever seen, even if he absorb almost all my free time. Now he's 2 months old... Changing him is quite a task, at the beginning i wasn't able to doit but i got some skill now ^^! The thing i feared … Continua a leggere Geek life roundup

The meaning of this blog

I admit it, maintain a blog lively and updated with nice stuff to share is difficult, very difficult. When i started Addicted to Ludus in September 2007 i wasn't sure of his meaning and how long i could keep working on it since my lazy behavior. Little by little taking time, i found the right … Continua a leggere The meaning of this blog

Trying blogging with the mac…

Sorry folks this is just a test, when i was on windows, Livewriter was my best friend for blogging. Now i found this blogo, not a free but let's see how it works... ... i don't see how add a photo, too minimal this interface... Here it is... nice and clean. I took this photo … Continua a leggere Trying blogging with the mac…

Certaldo Mercantia 2009

So yesterday i managed to find some nice place to visit and test my Lx3. Certaldo is a small city 30 min far from where i live that every year hold Mercantia, a medieval-feel like show. Mercantia take place in old part of Certaldo at top the hill. The streets get full of people very fast ... … Continua a leggere Certaldo Mercantia 2009