A nice walk in Florence.

I was born in Florence in the 1975 in the old town, i lived there till i was than i moved to my grandfather town. A really small town in the Tusany called Massa Marittima. When we moved back to Florence when i was 10 we went live outside the city and usually i don’t get there really often.

Bust yesterday for work i needed to go there…. what a lovely walk!

Photo 24-06-11 15 09 03.jpeg

This is Palazzo Vecchio, the Town City Hall… remember from Assassin’s Creed?

Photo 24-06-11 15 10 44.jpeg

This is the street were i was born just tree steps from Palazzo Vecchio.

Photo 24-06-11 15 11 23.jpeg

Just round the corner the Porcellino, a bronze statue that bring good luck to who touch his nose.

Photo 24-06-11 15 13 31.jpeg

This is me.

Photo 24-06-11 15 14 29.jpeg

Palazzo Vecchio again.

Well time go go.



Geek life roundup

Become dad is a wonderful thing, my son is the most beautiful creature i ever seen, even if he absorb almost all my free time.


Now he’s 2 months old…



Changing him is quite a task, at the beginning i wasn’t able to doit but i got some skill now ^^!

The thing i feared most was the loosing of all my free time, all the people was the same, ” ahhh no more games” , “ahhhh no more picture”,”ahhh no more blogging!”

Well they were all wrong, it’s just a matter of time and little by little the life go back to normal, not as once was but quite.


San Valentine day cake ^^


Just last week i decided to buy a new bag. Directly from Germany my new DAKINE PORTER bag!


Really though and well made…


The 13″ macbook fit perfectly with a second skin!


I love the acid green inside…


Well time to go… Yu’s crying ^^

art.kenneth rocafort.024.princess jun.jpg

And a present from the net ^^

Bye !

The meaning of this blog

I admit it, maintain a blog lively and updated with nice stuff to share is difficult, very difficult. When i started Addicted to Ludus in September 2007 i wasn’t sure of his meaning and how long i could keep working on it since my lazy behavior. Little by little taking time, i found the right timing for blogging and the main subject, games artwork and little of my italian geek life.

But life change and when you grow life grow on you too.

I always do what i like most, dive the net, take photos where i go, read stupid book and play a lot of games of course, this thanks to my lovely wife who’s by my side and leaving me time. Until now.

Hhahahahaha don’t get me wrong, between us everything is fine, the only thing is that our family is going to level UP! Yes a baby is coming! She’s in the 4th month and all is going well.

Mercantia 2010

So many new things to do for he/she in this period and for the mom too, prepare her at best for this epic day is magically hard!

In the passed months i missed to work on this blog a lot and i had time to promise me to keep up as much as i can for me and for you all. I don’t have many readers but who cares, quality instead quantity ^^

Well time to go!

Bye and see you soon!

Trip to Milano

This weekend i had a nice trip to Milano, the most lively capital city in north of italy. On saturday we went visit a gorgeous shop called High-Teck. This place has lot of design stuff for your home, from the smallest thing to your future bed ^^

I’ll post some photo of the place but first the object that hooked my attention.

Milano 09

Milano 09

Milano 09

Lol, so nice…

Milano 09

Even this isn’t that bad

Milano 09

Milano 09

Milano 09

Milano 09

Really nice ambient…

Milano 09

Milano 09

Lots of nice people hanging around ^^

Well time to go


Trying blogging with the mac…

Sorry folks this is just a test, when i was on windows, Livewriter was my best friend for blogging.
Now i found this blogo, not a free but let’s see how it works…
… i don’t see how add a photo, too minimal this interface…

Here it is… nice and clean.
I took this photo today, i went visit Siena.
Well time to go bed 3.19 here ^^

Nice this blogo…