Geek life roundup

Become dad is a wonderful thing, my son is the most beautiful creature i ever seen, even if he absorb almost all my free time.


Now he’s 2 months old…



Changing him is quite a task, at the beginning i wasn’t able to doit but i got some skill now ^^!

The thing i feared most was the loosing of all my free time, all the people was the same, ” ahhh no more games” , “ahhhh no more picture”,”ahhh no more blogging!”

Well they were all wrong, it’s just a matter of time and little by little the life go back to normal, not as once was but quite.


San Valentine day cake ^^


Just last week i decided to buy a new bag. Directly from Germany my new DAKINE PORTER bag!


Really though and well made…


The 13″ macbook fit perfectly with a second skin!


I love the acid green inside…


Well time to go… Yu’s crying ^^

art.kenneth rocafort.024.princess jun.jpg

And a present from the net ^^

Bye !

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