A nice walk in Florence.

I was born in Florence in the 1975 in the old town, i lived there till i was than i moved to my grandfather town. A really small town in the Tusany called Massa Marittima. When we moved back to Florence when i was 10 we went live outside the city and usually i don’t get there really often.

Bust yesterday for work i needed to go there…. what a lovely walk!

Photo 24-06-11 15 09 03.jpeg

This is Palazzo Vecchio, the Town City Hall… remember from Assassin’s Creed?

Photo 24-06-11 15 10 44.jpeg

This is the street were i was born just tree steps from Palazzo Vecchio.

Photo 24-06-11 15 11 23.jpeg

Just round the corner the Porcellino, a bronze statue that bring good luck to who touch his nose.

Photo 24-06-11 15 13 31.jpeg

This is me.

Photo 24-06-11 15 14 29.jpeg

Palazzo Vecchio again.

Well time go go.


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