Certaldo Mercantia 2009

So yesterday i managed to find some nice place to visit and test my Lx3. Certaldo is a small city 30 min far from where i live that every year hold Mercantia, a medieval-feel like show.

Mercantia take place in old part of Certaldo at top the hill.

The streets get full of people very fast … the shows are near to start.

At every corner, in every street there was some kind of activity, from hand made stuff to some kind of street performer.

At the beginning the feeling to get lost is very strong, you go for this streets full of people and stuff… but the feeling in the air is so lovely.

funny hand-made lamps…

This guy was from japan i think…. faaaaar from home ^^

His marionette was the most scaring i ever seen in my life O_o

More and ore people…

This is the entrance to the head-chief old building… very very nice manteind.

Lovely small houses…

Some hand-made pices were jus amazingly done…

Deep inside the walls you could even find a place where try bowing, the air is quite heavy here but worth the little wait.

People still coming… around 12.00 am

The Lx3 performs so damn well in low light condition… what a grate camera!

And some walls-performers lol ^^

Was an amazing sundays this, lots os people and nice thing…

Well time to go.


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