Assassin’s Creed II arrived

Finally, was quite long time i was waiting Ezio. As Italian and mostly as one from Firenze i can't wait to see how Ubisoft redone my city. Will be a looooooong night ^^ Quite  long time from the last post but my life is  getting busier and busier ... damn so many problem recently, even … Continua a leggere Assassin’s Creed II arrived

Certaldo Mercantia 2009

So yesterday i managed to find some nice place to visit and test my Lx3. Certaldo is a small city 30 min far from where i live that every year hold Mercantia, a medieval-feel like show. Mercantia take place in old part of Certaldo at top the hill. The streets get full of people very fast ... … Continua a leggere Certaldo Mercantia 2009

Firenze Vintage Selection

This evening before heading home i stopped by Stazione Leopolda showing a very nice event. Vintage Selection 2009. It's a lovely place, totally open space. Builded in 1848 once used as train station . Vintage Slection show a vaste collection of old trend object, from cloth to any kind of accessory. The bar is kind of modern … Continua a leggere Firenze Vintage Selection