Trying blogging with the mac…

Sorry folks this is just a test, when i was on windows, Livewriter was my best friend for blogging.
Now i found this blogo, not a free but let’s see how it works…
… i don’t see how add a photo, too minimal this interface…

Here it is… nice and clean.
I took this photo today, i went visit Siena.
Well time to go bed 3.19 here ^^

Nice this blogo…


2 thoughts on “Trying blogging with the mac…

  1. Hi Gorgo!

    That looks really nice, Siena must be really beautiful.

    Also i want to thank you for telling me about Death Note, it’s great!

    • Hi re!
      Yes Siena is really a nice city, i did the university there till 2003. Was quite strange go back again ^^

      See! I knew it! I also loved Death Note… did you already saw all the story? The fight between L and Yagami is so awesome! I’m really happy you enjoyed!


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