Setting-up for Japan

So next friday we’ll leave for Japan… finally ^^. It’s been quite some time since we visited my wife’s parents but we managed to go to them for this christmas.

We are going to Hokkaido, north of Japan. The weather there hits quite bad ( -23 during night ) but has the most beautiful snow i ever seen. I’ll bring my snowboard with me so today i decided to prepared it a little.


I’ll do the blades once there… i don’t know really what will happen to her during the trip, kinda scared.


Here she is a Nitro Target Select 165 Wide, a very entry level board. i’m not that good in snowboarding since i started last year.


Today i took a moment to install this brand new Burton Aluminum stud mats.


^^ playing a little with my Lumix LX3…


Here the result.

Well time to go.



Trying blogging with the mac…

Sorry folks this is just a test, when i was on windows, Livewriter was my best friend for blogging.
Now i found this blogo, not a free but let’s see how it works…
… i don’t see how add a photo, too minimal this interface…

Here it is… nice and clean.
I took this photo today, i went visit Siena.
Well time to go bed 3.19 here ^^

Nice this blogo…

Playing with the Lx3

Tonight we recived a nice visit, after dinner one of the neiborhood cat was on our terrace.


His name is Romeo, very indipendent, calm and polite. It’s the first time he cames up to my house… what a lovely surprise ^^. And no better time time to try my new Lumix Lx3 !!


Lol he lost interest on me quite immediatly


Onestly i don’t have a so firm hand and this came little blurry.


And he moved soo much that take crisp photos was almost impossible ^^


But this came out quite well…


more close… this camera is amazing…


Lol he seem quite pissed off by the camera sounds, how  funny.

After a while Romeo went back down the road to his home… hope he will returns soon.

Well bye for now…


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Lumix LX3 arrived… finally

So this is the end of searching this camera. I wanted this camera since i saw the first shot from Danny. I wanted a camera to start learn photograpy with and this one seemd perfect.


Was quite hard to find it at good price… ebay solved the problem pretty well.


This camera gives a wonderfull feeling while in hand, not too small not too big.


Leica lens…^^


Nice back 3″ lcd


Just perfect…


One of the thing i love most is the image format selector. 4:3 – 3:2 – 16:9 in just one click…


And this is my first shot! No setup, no menu used, nothing, just charged and go!

enlarge to see it better…. sorry the mess ^^

Well time to go… time to start study the manual.



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