Lumix LX3 arrived… finally

So this is the end of searching this camera. I wanted this camera since i saw the first shot from Danny. I wanted a camera to start learn photograpy with and this one seemd perfect.


Was quite hard to find it at good price… ebay solved the problem pretty well.


This camera gives a wonderfull feeling while in hand, not too small not too big.


Leica lens…^^


Nice back 3″ lcd


Just perfect…


One of the thing i love most is the image format selector. 4:3 – 3:2 – 16:9 in just one click…


And this is my first shot! No setup, no menu used, nothing, just charged and go!

enlarge to see it better…. sorry the mess ^^

Well time to go… time to start study the manual.



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2 pensieri su “Lumix LX3 arrived… finally

  1. thanks blauereiter,
    I was looking to get this for sooooo long.
    One more thing your blog is awesome! really, i love the art-feeling in it.
    Don’t you mind if i add my list on the left?

    Bye and very nice to meet you!


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