Playing with the Lx3

Tonight we recived a nice visit, after dinner one of the neiborhood cat was on our terrace.


His name is Romeo, very indipendent, calm and polite. It’s the first time he cames up to my house… what a lovely surprise ^^. And no better time time to try my new Lumix Lx3 !!


Lol he lost interest on me quite immediatly


Onestly i don’t have a so firm hand and this came little blurry.


And he moved soo much that take crisp photos was almost impossible ^^


But this came out quite well…


more close… this camera is amazing…


Lol he seem quite pissed off by the camera sounds, how  funny.

After a while Romeo went back down the road to his home… hope he will returns soon.

Well bye for now…


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2 thoughts on “Playing with the Lx3

  1. Hi re!

    Nice to see you again, u right having a pet is quite expensive. Even me, that i work all the day long could be difficult to mantain a pet.

    Don’t worry, the pet time will come for you too ^^


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