Finally… PERSONA 4

Finally yesterday I managed to buy PERSONA 4. Unfortunately, the FES in Italy have not arrived  so once it is available on i’ll get it there. I had never used the ps2 on my 40 “lcd and you know what? IT SUCKS! Luckily i manage to have a better view buying the composite cable from Sony, little expencive but worth it.

Last night i was so tired that i couldn’t play more than 20 minutes… so now it’s time to play it  well…




2 thoughts on “Finally… PERSONA 4

  1. Hey Gorgo!

    Speaking of getting a new game, I got Resident Evil 5 two weeks ago and I love it. Plus it looks gorgeous on my SDTV. Hopefully the next RE game will come out soon!

  2. Hi re!
    Nice to know u like R.E 5! I haven’t took it yet but it’s on my list^^
    Unfortunaltly about the next R.E a recent interview to some R.E head project sayed tha probaly the next R.E will be out in …. 8 years… i hope he was joking.

    Well see you soon

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