Finally… PERSONA 4

Finally yesterday I managed to buy PERSONA 4. Unfortunately, the FES in Italy have not arrived  so once it is available on i’ll get it there. I had never used the ps2 on my 40 “lcd and you know what? IT SUCKS! Luckily i manage to have a better view buying the composite cable from Sony, little expencive but worth it.

Last night i was so tired that i couldn’t play more than 20 minutes… so now it’s time to play it  well…




ATLUS going to make happy videogame collectors!

Just look at this three pices of art! Atlus is going to release collector edition of Persona 4, Eternal Poison and Luminous Arc 2, all with artwork book and original soundtrak inside!




I think are all worth buying…

Bye ^^



Persona 4 announced. On Ps2…WHAT?

Here in europe Persona 3 is just arrived and Atlus already announced Persona 4. Unbelivable but seems that the game is 85% ready and will be 1.5% more longer than P3. The system will be much the same no big changes, new characters and lots of new personas. The strange thing is that this new chapter will be again on ps2, personally a good game is a good game but maybe some people will be little upset ^^.

Awwww can’t wait!

Here are some Famitsu scans

1605_0004 1605_0005

1605_0002 1605_0003

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