Soul Calibur IV new screen and artwork

Here are Amy, Zasalamel and Cervantes…more we want more!

sc4_pub_2d_amy1_psd_jpgcopy sc4_pub_2d_zasalamel1_psd_jpgcopy sc4_pub_ss_amy_001_psd_jpgcopy

sc4_pub_ss_amy_002_psd_jpgcopy sc4_pub_ss_amy_003_psd_jpgcopy sc4_pub_ss_amy_raphael_001_psd_jpgcopy

sc4_pub_ss_cervantes_003_psd_jpgcopy sc4_pub_ss_cervantes_001_psd_jpgcopy sc4_pub_ss_cervantes_ivy_001_psd_jpgcopy

…look at the big eyes of Ivy in the last screenshot ^^

4 pensieri su “Soul Calibur IV new screen and artwork

  1. Those look great! A while back you uploaded High-Resolution character renders for smash bros brawl. I was wondering if you could upload big high-res renders of Fox and Falco from Brawl. I’ve been looking all over the internet to find them, and you might make it happen!

  2. Hi re45,
    Unfortunatly nintendo hasn’t release yet Hi.D images for press of Fox and Falco. But if you like i’ll post all the Hi.D images i have about Starfox .


  3. Hey Gorgo,
    Thanks for responding! Yeah I would love to see some StarFox images. I also want to know how you got those high resoultion render sof the brawl characters. And I’m sure you’ll find a way to get those Hi-Res Smash Bros. Brawl renders of Falco and Fox!

  4. Hey re45,
    Ok i’ll manage today to post all i have about Starfox ^^, don’t warry it’s a pleasure. Hehehehe where i get all this images is a little secret, just know i have some contact with the games industries…

    See you later!


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