Some SQUARE ENIX renders – session 1 –

We all know how big is square enix’s world…so many games so many characters.

Well i decided to post all the good stuff i have about them. Unfortunatly i haven’t nice quality renders of everything so please forgiveme ^^

Final fantasy X

Tidus_Sea 1296yuna 1295tidus


Final Fantasy X-2

Yuna_CG_Model Rikku_CG_Model paine_whiteback_FIX

yuna-image-cg Rikku_CG_Art Paine_CG_Art_copy

Final Fantasy XII

ENVIRONMENT1_psd_jpgcopy ENVIRONMENT2_psd_jpgcopy BALTHIER_FRAN_ART_psd_jpgcopy

ASHE_ART_psd_jpgcopy PENELO_ART_psd_jpgcopy VAAN_ART_psd_jpgcopy

Balthier_psd_jpgcopy Fran_psd_jpgcopy

Vaan_psd_jpgcopy Penelo_PSD_jpgcopy


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