Si torna a giocare con killing floor 2

Gli AdJ muoiono a Killing Floor 2

Artwoks – Gravity Rush

Directly from Gravity Rusch here are some little masterpiece. Although I am not very interested in the PS Vita I have to admit that this game looks very interesting. Oh yeah, and she is particularly cute.      Bye! Gravity Rush , Gamer, Videogames, Xbox, Artwork, Artworks, Renders. Wallpaper, Ps3, Keyart, Gameart, Games,

Finally… PERSONA 4

Finally yesterday I managed to buy PERSONA 4. Unfortunately, the FES in Italy have not arrived  so once it is available on i'll get it there. I had never used the ps2 on my 40 "lcd and you know what? IT SUCKS! Luckily i manage to have a better view buying the composite cable … Continua a leggere Finally… PERSONA 4

Playstation Store redesigned

 Personally i'm not yet a Ps3 user, for the most i'm a Xbox360 freak. But today when i saw the pics of the new Playstation Store i was really surprised. Nice, clean and userfriendly.   Right now 360 Live Marketplace seems ages behind it...maybe i'm jalous?... ^^       Technorati Tags: Ps3, Playstation Store, Sony, … Continua a leggere Playstation Store redesigned