Castlevania lords os Shadow

Last night i managed to try the demo of Castlevania, it was amazing. The gameplay i something we alteady saw and know pretty well but still there is something Damn actracting. The graphic is simply amazing and what i like most is the sad feeling u recive from the Maine character Gabriel. He has an impossible quest but he will fight to the end, even he know well the possible tragic ending him.
Now my struggle, should i take the limited edition? Is it worth the price? Will ne a nice pice for my collection?

What do you think?


3 pensieri su “Castlevania lords os Shadow

  1. It depends on what you value. I bought the special edition because I wanted the soundtrack and the artbook. The artbook is rather disappointing simply because the art you’re able to unlock in the game is AMAZING and the few pages they have in the book are so-so in comparison.
    But I also don’t mind shelling the extra 20 bucks out to support mercury steam because I really think that the game is amazing and the team should work on more titles : ) That being said if/when they release a proper art book, I’m totally buying it!

  2. Hi raph007!
    I’m totally with you. As happened with the collector’s edition of Mass Effect 2 the artbook inside was quite disappointing but i’m going to take the official artbook.
    An official Castlevania L.o.S must be a really pice of art!



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