Artwork – Castlevania Lords of Shadow, Mirror of Fate

These are simply amazing pieces of art. This one is really something new... Bye!

Castlevania lords os Shadow

Last night i managed to try the demo of Castlevania, it was amazing. The gameplay i something we alteady saw and know pretty well but still there is something Damn actracting. The graphic is simply amazing and what i like most is the sad feeling u recive from the Maine character Gabriel. He has an … Continua a leggere Castlevania lords os Shadow

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – renders –

This is one of the games i'm most interested in, since the very first artwork i posted here long ago. Thanks to the E3 i managed to find some nice new renders and i'm really looking forward to play it. Vampire t*┬žs.... nothing better ^^ that weapon must be tested well Dunno what's up with … Continua a leggere Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – renders –