Artwork – Castlevania Lords of Shadow, Mirror of Fate

These are simply amazing pieces of art.


This one is really something new…




Castlevania lords os Shadow

Last night i managed to try the demo of Castlevania, it was amazing. The gameplay i something we alteady saw and know pretty well but still there is something Damn actracting. The graphic is simply amazing and what i like most is the sad feeling u recive from the Maine character Gabriel. He has an impossible quest but he will fight to the end, even he know well the possible tragic ending him.
Now my struggle, should i take the limited edition? Is it worth the price? Will ne a nice pice for my collection?

What do you think?


Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – renders –

This is one of the games i’m most interested in, since the very first artwork i posted here long ago. Thanks to the E3 i managed to find some nice new renders and i’m really looking forward to play it.


Vampire t*§s…. nothing better ^^


that weapon must be tested well


Dunno what’s up with them but i hope they will help us somehow


Damn a Babayaga, a kind of witch that during night go count dead bodies in graveyards….. yach!


Mmmmm the cliche of the big bad ass armor guy….

Well time to go!

See you next time.