Next Xbox reveal

Ok, i’m ready



Rising a new gamer

Yu, my son starded recently to crawl and now is totally out control.

Hi favorite spot now is inder the tv where i have all my games and geeky audio/video stuff.
In the beginning i was little bit worried about he could get injured… I was so wrong.


He showed the amazing skill to be extremely focused when he encounter new things (maybe is normal but i’m noob as a father ^^). All his movements are well balanced and gentle.


Ahahahahah sometimes he’s not so gentle


He seems enjoy all my elettric devices, the iPhone more than any others.
The rise of a new gamer has begun.
… I’ll try to make him a gamer better than me. I promise.

Time to go bye!

Castlevania lords os Shadow

Last night i managed to try the demo of Castlevania, it was amazing. The gameplay i something we alteady saw and know pretty well but still there is something Damn actracting. The graphic is simply amazing and what i like most is the sad feeling u recive from the Maine character Gabriel. He has an impossible quest but he will fight to the end, even he know well the possible tragic ending him.
Now my struggle, should i take the limited edition? Is it worth the price? Will ne a nice pice for my collection?

What do you think?


What’s on Xbox Live DLC? Lots of stuff!

Today i got a really nice surprise, just before to go to work i wanted to see the live DLC on my Xbox and guess what? Lots of nice stuff to get!

* Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare – Variety Map Pack
* Overlord – Raising Hell expansion and Challenge Pack
* Ace Combat 6 – assorted planes and missions
* Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 – Co-op Collection 2
* Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock – various Track Packs
* Undertow – Path of the Elect expansion
* Turok – Multiplayer Map Pack
* Two Worlds – Tainted Blood and Curse of Souls Pack 2

I think i’ll start with COD 4 Variety Map Mack…

And you?



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