Suikoden Tierkreis – DSi – Artwork

I don’t have the DSi yet but i admit this game looks really nice. Here some artwork for you unfortunatly not really high resolution… sorry 😛

The-Hero The_Hero_2 Chrodechild

Chrodechild_2 Dirk Dirk_2 Jale Jale_2 Liu Liu_2 Marica Marica_2

Marica__Alt_ Moana Valfred



2 pensieri su “Suikoden Tierkreis – DSi – Artwork

  1. Hello there Gorgo!

    I never had a DS in my life, maybe it’s because I don’t like handhelds as much. I hear the DSi has much more features like playing music and such.

    Who knows, maybe the next DS will let you make phone calls!

  2. Hi re! sorry i didn’t notice ur post… unfigivable 😦
    Well i dont have the ds either, only the psp as handheld and it’s quite good.

    And i don’t think i’ll took a Dsi …for now ^^


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