Renders – Resident Evil: Revelations

Honestly? I stopped following the series of Resident Evil after the fourth episode on the legendary Gamecube. So i do not know the plot and the setting of this “Revelation” but one thing is certain, these renders are really good.
addictedtoludus.RE.REv.jpg-0000.jpgaddictedtoludus.RE.REv.jpg-0001.jpgaddictedtoludus.RE.REv.jpg-0002.jpgaddictedtoludus.RE.REv.jpg-0003.jpgaddictedtoludus.RE.REv.jpg-0004.jpgaddictedtoludus.RE.REv.jpg-0005.jpgaddictedtoludus.RE.REv.jpg-0006.jpgaddictedtoludus.RE.REv.jpg-0007.jpg  addictedtoludus.RE.REv.jpg-0009.jpg



Artworks – Fire Emblem: Awakening

How are you people? Have you had good holiday? Ate and drank enough? Excellent!

Now it’s time to get back to serious matters and to celebrate the reopening of Addicted to Ludus i have these beautiful works of art.


See you soon!

Wiifit arrived at Gorgo’s home!

Well, last friday Wiifit arrived in Europe too and me and my wife as good game freaks as we are were there to buy it!

Before buy it i had lots of question: will be really good? Will it manage my 95 Kilos? will it be fun?

After about two days of Nintendo healh-play i admit tha Wiifit is really fun, respond just great, all the games and yoga exercise are enjoyable and clever.


Even with my 47 foot size (13 in the us), i got lot’s of fun!




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