Amazing artworks from Dragon Age 2

Honestly? This second D.A didn’t impress me much… i’m around the half game and still the game didn’t hook me so much…

Hope it’ll get better soon…




Well time to go!



3 thoughts on “Amazing artworks from Dragon Age 2

  1. Hey Gorgo!

    I gotta say that the art looks awesome. It’s great that you have a career in the video game business.

    Was wondering if you’d be posting some art from the new Mortal Kombat game. I’d love to see renders of Reptile in his new form. 😀

  2. Hi! re
    Unfortunatly Mortal combat artworks are out my reach… for now. But i’ll keep an eye open on the for you.


  3. It’s cool. Though I’m only more interested in Reptile, been trying to find his new 3-d and art render model for months!

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