Artworks – Mass Effect 3

You must have figured out by now. I'm a big fan of Mass Effect and still today I have not digested the departure of our Colonel Jhon Sheppard. Please do not be angry if I can not resist to publish everything I find on this fantastic saga. Ecco a voi gli incredibili lavori di Patryk … Continua a leggere Artworks – Mass Effect 3

Artworks – Mass Effect trilogy celebration

Simply wonderful.. Garruss, you could always count on him. Tali, my favorite female character. Here they are, the traveling companions, in all their glory. Damn, probably the series of Mass Effect was for me the best game of this generation of consoles. Bye!

Mass Effect 3 arrived!

The final chapter of this amazing saga finally is ready to be played, i simply can't immagine what will be like his ending. Bioware did a nice hard paper box this time too as last Me2 collector edition, little more clean this time. Perfectly done... "Mom Bioware" logo. A nice Shepard lady on the back. … Continua a leggere Mass Effect 3 arrived!

Some nice Mass Effect 2 artwork

This evening wondering on Deviantart i found some really nice Mass Effect 2 stuff. King wrex... one of the most beautiful re-encounter moment in the game. The illusive man... never trusted this guy, i simply hate his eyes! Garrus... one of the best  team-mate ever. Touching moment this one too. and some project zero concept art... … Continua a leggere Some nice Mass Effect 2 artwork