Prince of Persia – artworks and renders

So some of you’ll be already playing this game. How is it? Good? Bad? Anyway, here for you all PoP fans some good images.

PoP_HR_003  PoP_CA_006 PoP_CA_007

 PoP_CA_017  WAT_1 PoP_CA_001

PoPP_HR_001 PoP_CA_013

PoP_CA_005 PoP_CA_003 PoP_CA_014

PoP_CA_016 PoP_CA_015 PoPP_HR_002

PoP_CA_002 PoP_CA_004 PoP_CA_009 PoP_CA_010


 Bye for now.


2 pensieri su “Prince of Persia – artworks and renders

  1. Hey there Gorgo!

    Still remember me? Sorry I couldn’t leave any comments but I was so busy November and December, however I get 4 weeks of vacation time! 2008 is almost up and 2009 is getting closer, so I wish you Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

  2. Hi re!

    Nice to see you again^^. The end of the year is alaways quaite a mess. for me the is the same, not so much time post stuff.

    Anyway thanks a lot and happy Holidays to you too!

    And promise, play as much as you can!



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