DEAD SPACE – artwork gallery

So, it’s time for us european gamers to feel finally the space, the dead space.       Here some DEAD SPACE artwork just to celebrate.

isaac_obsidian_2 isaac_elite_2

isaac_elite isaac_obsidian

dsconcept02_1024x768 dsconcept01_1024x768 dsconcept04_1024x768

dsconcept03_1024x768 dspainting01_1024x768 dspainting02_1024x768


Bye for now.



2 thoughts on “DEAD SPACE – artwork gallery

  1. Hey Gorgo!

    I hear that this is a really good horror game, but I’m going to wait til March 2009 for Resident Evil 5. I hate to ask you this again but do you think you’ll be able to find those large renders of Fox and Falco from smash bros. brawl? I know I’ve asked you about this many times and I hope you’ll be able to get them.

  2. Hi re!

    Nice to see you again. Listen this game is just AWESOME, beliveme the graphic is so clean and detailed that u got a soo nice feeling looking at it. Moreover is very scaring… O_o in the smart way, you fear most what u hear that what u face directly.
    Try in some months to get this used, it’s worth!

    Sorry no Falco at all…


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