A new Star Wars character for Soulcalibur IV – AGAIN ??

Now, i understand Namco want to make a good game but this doesn’t mean fill a title like Soulcalibur with character from different saga as Star Wars.

I’ m ok with Joda and Darth Vader, they are wanderfull characters with a so amazing background  that they may fit well in the this Game.

But this new one? The Secret Apprentice out of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed ? I think this is getting too much… don’t you think?

Apprentice (1) Apprentice (2) Apprentice

And some pic of him in action..

Apprentice (3) Apprentice (5) Apprentice (4)

Apprentice (6) Apprentice (7)



2 pensieri su “A new Star Wars character for Soulcalibur IV – AGAIN ??

  1. Hey Gorgo!

    Well fighting games like Soul Calibur IV like to add new things and sometimes they take it to far. Like the new Mortal Kombat game, its going to have DC comic characters like Batman and Superman. And let me tell you fans are split on this decision. Speaking of fighting games, I really hope you can get those hi-def renders of Falco and Fox from Smash Bros. Brawl like you got these of the apprentice. Maybe you’ll get them when Brawl releases in Europe.


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