Resident Evil 5 Characters renders

RE5_Mysterious_Woman_BACK_psd_jpgcopy re5_chris_redfield_character

Just found them on the net…^^

The lady is quite nice i think…




3 pensieri su “Resident Evil 5 Characters renders

  1. Hi Gorgo!

    Resident Evil 5 is the game I’m really looking forward to. I’m planning to get it for the Xbox360, but I have a question; you have an Xbox360 and you use it on and HD-TV right? Well I have an standard definition tv and I just want to know if the 360 will work on my tv set. I don’t want to have to shell out hundreds of dollars to buy a plasma screen. Would the graphics look bad on an SD-TV or just be blurred a little? Hope to hear from you!

  2. Nice to see you again re45!

    Listen, before the HD-TV i used for about 1 year the 360 with an old SD-TV and i didn’t have any problem at all. For me was just GRATE, belive me ^^
    Maybe becouse i’m not so worried about how the game is on my tv, but yes, maybe is little blurred but the 360 looks still fantastic on it. But don’t forget to take the cable for SD-Tv, DON’T USE THE ONE that come along with the 360 package ok?

    If u have any othe question ask ^^


  3. Hey there!

    Thanks for answering my question, I’m planning to get an Xbox360 sometime this month. I really appreciate it, again thank you for the advice!


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