In sweet waiting of GTA IV

In two weeks from today we’ll be able finally to play the new episode of Grand theft Auto. We already know everything about it: graphics, story, new features, characters ecc ecc.
What i’d like to know is how GTAIV is beign pushed in shops near you. Here in Italy a big seller network made a promotion like this:




“19.98 € bringing back 2 old Xbox360/Ps3/Wii games, 39.98 € for the limited edition”.

I’m gonna do it, Lost Odyssey and Mass Effect on the way back!




One thought on “In sweet waiting of GTA IV

  1. Hey Gorgo!

    All this news on GTA IV makes me want to play it. Alas I don’t have a PS3 or Xbox360, and even if I have one of these systems it wouldn’t work on my SDTV and the game would look like crap. I’m broke!

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