Dragonaut – An anime full of nice Ladies

I saw already 6 episodes of this new anime by GONZO.  The story is kind of well known,  a kid, a planet to save…and i won’t tell you anithng more about it, what u must see are the AWESOME ladies that “FILL” this production!


NDVD_001 NDVD_000 NDVD_041

NDVD_045 NDVD_048 NDVD_050

NDVD_005 NDVD_006 NDVD_008

NDVD_010 NDVD_016 NDVD_031

NDVD_034 NDVD_046 NDVD_047

NDVD_057 NDVD_058 NDVD_066

NDVD_078 NDVD_089 NDVD_091

NDVD_100 NDVD_102 NDVD_109

NDVD_110 NDVD_113 NDVD_124

NDVD_097 NDVD_003 NDVD_115

NDVD_103 NDVD_121 NDVD_129


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3 pensieri su “Dragonaut – An anime full of nice Ladies

  1. I would have captioned one of those pics ‘Gio Punches Garnet Right in the Kisser, and Cops a Feel While Doing It!’

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