Kanokon an anime littlebit ECCHI!

What happen if you merge together lots of nice young ladies, an highschool, a luky as hell youg shy boy, a foxlady and a wolflady? Simple, Kanokon!

I have no clue for now about the main story for now, i think i’ll keep “watching those big eyes”

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And you? Did i hook you a little? Are you gonna Watch it? ^^

Bye for now



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NDVD_010 NDVD_005 NDVD_006

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NDVD_013 NDVD_014 NDVD_015

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Recently i got really amazed from this anime, Mononoke. The story is about a “medicine seller” that travel around the old Japan to find and destroy any type of ghost-type possible.

The episodes have a really interesting style, maybe little bit static at the beginning but so colourfull and detailed that is really easy to get used to.

Only 13 episodes…not too much 😦


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