Renders/Keyart – Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen

I’m still trying to finish the original but i’m pretty sure i’ll take this one too!

Dark Arisen Artwork.jpgAddictedtoludus.darkARISEN.jpg-0001.jpgDark Arisen fighter.jpgAddictedtoludus.darkARISEN.jpg-0003.jpgAddictedtoludus.darkARISEN.jpg-0004.jpgAddictedtoludus.darkARISEN.jpg-0005.jpgDark Arisen mage.jpgAddictedtoludus.darkARISEN.jpg-0007.jpgAddictedtoludus.darkARISEN.jpg-0008.jpgAddictedtoludus.darkARISEN.jpg-0009.jpgAddictedtoludus.darkARISEN.jpg-0010.jpgDark Arisen Archer.jpgAddictedtoludus.darkARISEN.jpg-0012.jpg

By the way, readey for the E3?


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