Renders & Artworks – Halo 4.

As you probably already know i’m not that much into Halo’s games but this is pure art.

halo4_cryptum_vertical_rgb.jpghalo4_environment-campaign-01.jpghalo4_environment-campaign-02.jpghalo4_environment-campaign-06.jpghalo4_environment-campaign-07.jpghalo4_environment-multiplayer-03.jpgHalo4_Master-Chief-01_tif_jpgcopy.jpg Halo4_Master-Chief-10_tif_jpgcopy.jpgHalo4_MP-Spartan-Warrior-06_tif_jpgcopy.jpghalo4-chief_cortana_cover_art.jpghalo4-chief_railgun_cover_art.jpg

Really brilliant.



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