The insane art of Diablo 3

Probably i’ll never play this game becouse i don’t think if the console version (if exist) will be any good as the Pc version. But one think that i can do is stare at this amazing artworks!

Barb_HVY_armor_WIP_03.jpgbelialtempcolor1.jpgcaldeum3_final_tif_jpgcopy.jpgcathedral1_final.jpg cathedral3_final.jpgFestering_Wood01_wip.jpgKehjistan_final_copy.jpgLeah_Sketch_v19.jpg PRISON1_copy.jpgRS7269_monksheet_final_Revised_tif_jpgcopy.jpgtowersmalldetail2.jpgWIZ_M_NKD_08_tif_jpgcopy.jpg          

Enjoy and see you soon!



One thought on “The insane art of Diablo 3

  1. Hi there Gorgo!

    I’m sorry that I’m always late, X3

    Anyway these art of Diablo 3 is quite amazing, even though I don’t play the game. Also the rest of those Soul Calibur images are sweet. ๐Ÿ˜€

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