Deus Ex Human Revolution – Augmented Edition – Get!

I was waiting this game for so long… i didn’t played Invisible Wars but i loved the first episode so much. The setting and the character development was so amazing and vast.

Remembering the beauty of the past i decided to get the augmented edition and i admit it’s quite nice…


Adam Jensen, in all its mighty.


nice and crisp images inside.


a nice artbook inside.


A nice edition indeed and the game for what i’ve played seems to follow pretty well the original.

Time to go


7 pensieri su “Deus Ex Human Revolution – Augmented Edition – Get!

  1. Hello,

    I saw your pic with Fallout dice set
    I wonder if you still have it ?
    I’m looking for this for a long time =(
    Would you be willing to sell it ?

    I’m a huge fan of fallout so it would be so cool.



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