Call of Duty Black Ops

I’m not really good at FPS games… i think i’m getting old and the only think that pushes me to play them is my friends company on XboxLive.

We have done almost every title came out from modern warfare and we all think that Battlefield bad Company 2 was the best for us. But we are gamer and we always search for something new. Black ops is Like all the other Call of duty, damn fast and fun.

The thing i love most is the editor replay, and i love it not for show how good i m at kill other but just to share how me and my friends are nuts !!!



I’m simply the best in dying in stupid ways ^^


I love this one!

Well time to go!



4 thoughts on “Call of Duty Black Ops

  1. Ciao Andy,
    Ascolta devi prima di tutto creare un account su, avrai così accesso alla sezione “my thetre”. Qui è dove verranno mostrate le immagini che carichi dalla modalità cinema nel gioco. In questa modalità te hai la possibilità di rivedere le tue partite giocate e salvare screen appunto ma anche di caricare mini filmati di 20 sec. max.

    chiedi pure se hai domande.


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