Steam for MAC

So a little revolution has became for us mac users. As a gamer one of the things i missed most when i passed from pc to mac was the ability to play some good game. Until now.

Steam, the famous Valve game luncher has arrived on mac…


The installation clear and easy…



One game i was surprised to find was Torchlight, a nice H&S diablo style. So i decided to bought it for 8 euros.

Schermata 2010-05-14 a 01.40.36.jpg

But I admit i was worried about the performance i was going to have…^^

Schermata 2010-05-14 a 01.40.48.jpg

^^ no problem at all, the game on my macbook runs well, really well

Schermata 2010-05-14 a 01.44.12.jpg

i love this kind of design

Schermata 2010-05-14 a 01.42.37.jpg

Schermata 2010-05-14 a 01.42.57.jpg

honestly i don’t think i’ll play so much on my mac, but this is a nice opportunity indeed

Well time to go!


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