NITRO season 2010

Little off topic today…

I’m not a really sporty guy but i always wanted to try do snowboard and last year i started! It’s been love at first sight even the many hits i took i couldn’t stop get up and move on.

The gear i took is very basic, an entry level Nitro board with low budget Raiden bindings (about 220 euro total), only in the boots i invested some more money… for me an happy foot gives always an happy ride ^^

Anyway yesterday i was pleased by receiving by mail the 2010 NITRO catalogue!


simply well done…


lucid logos on front


Turning it back, the bindings section


Inside some very nice photos.


as a present inside some nice stickers.



A really nice surprise was that the same company who import Nitro here also started import Osiris and Adio brands, I had some Adio skate shoes directly from USA via ebay, wonder Osiris how they are…

Well i don’t think i’ll took some new gear this year even if i’m going three weeks in north Japan on 18th December, i’m still a “novice” and a long way to go before someone can call me raider LOL!

Well time to go try Brutal Legend demo now!



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