Package from Japan

It’s alaways nice to recive some present and even more if they came form the country of the rising sun ^^

I don’t remember if i ever told you but i’m married with a gorgeous Japanese lady so sometimes my fathers-in-law send some presents. They are really lovely people, kind and generous and this time send to us some really nice stuff.



This is a “KENDAMA” typical japanese toy where you have to test your arm and wirst coordination. Try look on youtube to see some master of it….and do you remember Yattaman?!?!


Just amazing how it’s done simple but feel grate in hand.


An all natural wood version.


Nice wood macro ^^


They even send us some sweet. This are my wife’s favourite, cryspy creme-chocolate biscuits awwww….


Well time to go, have a good night !


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3 thoughts on “Package from Japan

  1. Hi there Gorgo!

    That’s really cool of your father-in-law to send you gifts. Anything from Japan is always great!

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